About WW Foundation

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Whole Wealth Foundation is a new global “platform-of-platforms” being developed to enable, support and advance system change for smart, sustainable, inclusive and elevating whole-system investments, generating life-enhancing whole-wealth returns across all forms of value. The Foundation is not “owned” by a single organization or a billionaire philanthropist. It “belongs” to all who desire the more brilliant, bold, beautiful and perennially prosperous, peaceful, “whole wealth” world(s) we know is/are possible, forever pulling us forward, upward….

We are founded on a “Whole Wealth” approach to enterprise, society, life and possibility because, to us, it is no accident that the origins of the word “wealth” are much broader (health, healing, state of good fortune, happiness, well-being) and we passionately believe there is an exciting golden opportunity for all to recapture and build on those origins in a whole new story of wealth, to benefit all life.

Connecting local, regional and global funds to facilitate large-scale portfolios of systemically-valuable investments for long-term capital from pension funds, sovereign wealth funds, insurance funds, multi-lateral finance institutions, large foundations, family offices, banks, corporates, citizens, indeed all, we are partnering for prosperity everywhere.

In the process, astounding untapped human, technological and natural potential will be unleashed, revealing, re-imagining and realising our highest generative potentials together.

The Whole Wealth Resource Platform will be continually evolving to provide ever-richer “connective tissue” and fit-for-purpose resources, enabling all to “enable all”. The platform “engine” combines human, natural and artificial intelligences to reveal and realize the best synergies:

  • GeniusOS: Collective genius tools, methods, principles, protocols, processes, programmes, frameworks, designs, recipes, shared language, lenses, symbols, praxis, and more. Together with local, regional and global partners this provides a managed open-source whole wealth framework, toolkit and operating system “kernel”, adaptable to all contexts, for collaboratively advancing the systemic conditions for sustainable broader-based growth and collective flourishing, realizing highest evolutionary potentials.
  • Wealth Studios and Special Innovation Zones – Societal innovation, research, enterprise, health, learning, living, and creative production complexes tailored to the unique “combinatorial DNA” of every place in which they are embedded, including new kinds of Special Economic Zones at City and Region scales.
  • Whole Wealth Fund – Global fund-of-funds working with aligned partners worldwide from private, public and civil society sectors, wisely using multiple types and sources of capital for whole-wealth whole-system returns. This includes creation of new “whole wealth” currencies, governance, funds, systems, structures, policies, exchanges, organizations, etc…

The Whole Wealth Group is the “in the field” stakeholder engagement, consulting, facilitation and agency partner for the Whole Wealth Foundation. It is a diverse inclusive global network-based consortium of world-positive leadership and systemic change makers and change enablers.

Ultimately what drives us is a combination of massive inspiration of what incredible leaps can be achieved working together as “Humanity”, and a powerful sense of frustration with all the unnecessary “blockages” and limitations in our current mainstream systems of society.

Decentralized and distributed technologies (e.g. Blockchain) and Applications (e.g. Crypto Currency), AI, IoT, Big Data, VR/AR, Biotech, and more, are just beginning to open a window onto new self-organizing opportunities to prototype new economic models and social structures. Consciously, courageously, creatively synergizing our collective human, artificial and natural intelligences, together we can and will lift all, for the living of fully flourishing lives from (re)generative foundations of whole wealth.