Whealth Fund

The Whealth Fund is an exciting new for-planet enterprise for co-creating a new class of fund for whole-system health, wealth and progress for the more brilliant, bold, beautiful and elevating world we know is possible.

We believe that re-imagining, redefining, re-storying and re-branding wealth can catalyse a whole wealth renaissance for global peace, progress and prosperity.

The Industrial Revolution and “Scientific Management” brought tremendous progress through specialization. But thriving in and with the complex adaptive systems that underpin our world, such as organizations, economies, societies and the environment, demands working together at whole-system level, using a new “whealth” paradigm, unleashing radical whole transformation.

Wealth – originating from “weal” and “well”, associated with health, healing, happiness, a state of good fortune and well-being, before a later narrower definition. In this volatile and fragmented time, we must recapture these origins.

Whole – we are all whole parts of larger whole systems. From micro to macro scale, science is converging with ancient wisdom and spiritual traditions on the fundamental inter-connectedness of our unified and unifying reality, revealing whole new possibilities for all.

Whealth: whole-system health & wealth, coherence, integrity, being well and doing good.

Evolving our societal relationship to money from “Ego-nomics” to the Whealth Eco-nomics of Life (“WEL”):

It is time to make visible our relationship to money, the history that led us to this point, and evolve that relationship into a Unifying “Whealth” Paradigm.

The socioeconomic and environmental implications of the current money paradigm are unsustainable and likely to collapse.

The Whealth Fund builds on the work of  MIT’s Presencing Institute U.Lab and Theory U, McKinsey’s work on Performance & Health, MetaIntegral Associates multi-capital impact model, Future Stewards, and more.

Examples continue to grow of investments achieving equal or better risk-adjusted financial returns vs. traditional investing, with smarter systemic risk mitigation, and generating beneficial societal and/or environmental outcomes. Transcending and including the variety of investment “styles”, we simply refer to this approach from a unifying paradigm as “whole investing”. This shift also requires “whole leading” from all.

A Whole Wealth Infrastructure…

Working with partners on every continent to cultivate the conditions for whole success:

Genius OS: open-source whole wealth societal operating system “kernel” project. Synergising human, artificial and natural intelligences and capitals with collective genius tools, methods, principles, protocols, processes, APIs, frameworks, designs, shared language, praxis, and more. Includes new “Internet of Entities”.
The Whealth Fund: a global funding meta-platform to enable, support and evolve whole wealth investing, from citizen investors to sovereign wealth funds, pension funds, global foundations, corporates, banks, etc.
Whole Wealth Studios & Complexes: new kinds of permanent and mobile co-creative whole-reality shared future inspiration & innovation hubs for whole-ecosystem health, wealth, progress, and collective possibility.
WEL Zones: new kinds of Special Economic & Innovation Zones based on the “Whealth Eco-nomics of Life”, with government, business and civil society formulating better rules/regs. together for whole-system success.
Whole Wealth Foundation: a “For-Planet” organisation for holistic global stewardship, advocacy, ecosystem relationship thrivability, IP custodian, sponsor/convener for societal innovation and investment events, etc.
Whole Ecosystem Services: world-positive network-based consulting, facilitation and agency partner for expanding ecosystem skills, strategies, platforms, new digital currencies, for optimising whole wealth flows.

Deploying $Trillions for Global Success

  • Global “meta-fund” for systemically valuable investments, e.g. in place-based developments such as Special Economic Zones, Cities, Regions, and enabling ecosystem technologies;
  • Use, adapt, evolve “Whole Framework” tools with multiple capitals, top & bottom lines, types of data & impact, multiple time horizons, via “Whole Paradigm” highest leverage lens.
  • Designing and prototyping inclusive thrivable economies, incl. decentralized, distributed governance, digital currencies, VR simula, “infinite game” dynamics, future story-making;
  • Growing distributed & collaborative whole-system leadership and governance capabilities;
  • Blending different types of risk capital from private, public & civil society, including use of guarantees, to mobilise larger sums via smart risk structures including whole impact bonds;
  • Connect, track, disseminate meaningful understandable systemic impact data via the “Global Impact Map” (regularly going to the “GIM” for whole-system health & wealth);
  • Global network of world-positive strategic delivery and innovation partners linked through the fund, existing relevant platforms, and systemic innovation events, studios, clusters, etc.

Foundational Fund Principles

The Whealth Fund has 7 foundational operating principles and core values:

  • Wise: discerning use of the huge collective capacities & capabilities of combining human, technological and natural intelligences, optimally deploying all capitals;
  • Healthy: a state of physical, mental, social and spiritual well-being providing individual & collective drivers for healthy returns across all meaningful metrics;
  • Evolutionary: learning, adapting, innovating, growing, opportunity-increasing;
  • Aspiring: larger purpose, always striving for the highest expressions of and in life;
  • Lasting: long-term value, being a good ancestor in the “Infinite Game” of life;
  • Thrivable: growing capacity and capability to thrive at all system scales;
  • Holistic: integrative, whole-system awareness, sense-making, realizing synergies.

The Transformational Journey from a fractured to a whole paradigm world

Such a transformational journey is already involving thousands of people through initiatives such as the Transforming Capitalism Lab from MIT’s Presencing Institute and the Huffington Post, and many more. Co-creating the Whealth Fund will serve all to accelerate and expand involvement into the millions and billions, for global thrivability in a whole paradigm world.

Hence, to include all voices, we propose to use a unifying whole framework toolkit and whole paradigm “lens” enabling optimal synergies across core “tools” such as Theory U, MetaImpact Framework, Three Horizons future pathways, Systems Leadership, other elements as needed, via Group Genius “OS”, inspired by the genius of life with its essential unified-unifying nature.

Art, science, technology, magic and mystery will all combine to shape compelling new shared futures, bringing to life powerful narratives, revealing, examining and evolving the complex rich relationships between our stories, structures, patterns, consequences and feedback loops.

Join us, bring your brilliance and connect via: Team@WhealthFund.com